Julieanna Hever

Plant-Based Dietician (www.plantbaseddietitian.com)

1. Why are you vegan?

I am vegan for the animals, but also because it is the most health-promoting diet for humans in terms of achieving and maintaining optimal health and reducing risk for (and sometimes reversing) disease.

2. How has turning vegan giving you purpose (or healed you)?

It has evolved my entire life. I am healthier than ever, as it has ameliorated lifelong gastrointestinal disorders, sinus infections, and helped me manage my weight easier than ever. It has improved my workouts, energy, and has helped me become a much better healthcare practitioner as my clients get healthier and achieve better results than they ever did before I taught whole food, plant-based nutrition.

3. What is your title, occupation/what do you do for a living?

I am known as ‘The Plant-Based Dietitian’. I am an author, speaker, television host, and nutrition and lifestyle consultant to many populations, working with clients worldwide helping people of all ages heal from disease, prevent illness, lose weight, improve sports performance and recovery, and help families transition to a healthy way of eating.

4. Why do you think being vegan is the next step of our evolution?

We have reached a tipping point where we can no longer sustain eating animals and their derivatives. Our Earth and our populations are becoming way too ill and it is imminent that we evolve towards a vegan diet.