We're two close friends on a mission to inspire the world to live a healthy, active and compassionate life. Get to know us:


Luke is the founder of Fuel Positive Pte. Ltd. - find out more here.

Luke is a published author, vegan strength athlete and the co-host of the Plant Fit Summit. As an internationally awarded sports person, Luke has published the books "A.W.A.K.E and Alive" and "Live Green Live Lean" and founded the plant based athletic team Evolved Generation. Both promote health and athleticism through conscious consumption.

Luke was a kilo a day meat eating bodybuilder many years ago. He was introduced to the vegan lifestyle by the books ‘The Food Revolution’ and ‘Vegan Bodybuilding and Fitness’. Luke turned vegan overnight after watching a documentary exposing the truths about animal exploitation. He decided that he did not want to contribute to the suffering of innocent animals.

Since then he has made his mission to become a positive example of the lifestyle and helps others do the same. Luke is passionate about creating a culture of fit and healthy individuals being the change that they wish to see in the world.


Tobi is the founder of 10X Active / +Results Pte. Ltd. - find out more here.

Tobi (Tobias) is the founder of 10X Active and co-hosts the Plant Fit Summit. Passionate about saving the world he's worked in renewable energy for many years before realizing that plant based food is not just healthy, it's also the single best thing we can do to save the planet.

Tobi grew up on a vegetarian diet which turned into a junk-food vegetarian diet as a student. The result: he ended up suffering from daily stomach cramps and allergies. This first hand lesson motivated him to learn how our food choices impact our wellbeing.

Today he's feeling better than ever on a plant based diet and with plenty of exercise. And even though the knowledge is out there, sometimes it's hard to apply it. That's why Tobi is creating and spreading inspiring, practical content that will help others to shortcut their road to a healthy and active life while saving the planet.