Billy Simmonds

2009 Mr Universe, Powerlifter (

Why are you vegan?

I’m vegan because I am consciously aware that our actions matter. That we can make a small difference individually, and a large difference col- lectively.
I believe that all animals, whether large or small, whether we understand them or not, have a right to live without the horrors of being farmed for food. As custodians of our planet, we should show our fellow species mercy and compassion. There’s absolutely no need to have to consume animal products, and there are many harmful repercussions and consequences from people unwilling to realize this: Their health and quality of life, the Earth’s environment, and the count- less lives of animals that suffered without any normal life or dignity.

2. How has turning vegan giving you purpose (or healed you)?

My purpose is to simply be the best example I can, to compel others to consider going vegan. My health, my spirit and prana, as well as those around me that have adopted it for themselves, have all benefited infinitely.

3. What are your achievements so far?

I have won the INBA (International Natural Bodybuilding Association) Mr. Universe title in Hollywood, California in 2009. I’ve set two world records with the World Record Holders Republic for powerlifting/ feats of strength. I hold two black belts in Taekwondo and Hapkido, I compete in crossfit, work as a stuntman and performer, but my biggest achievement would be living the life I have always dreamed!

4. What is your title, occupation/what do you do for a living?

I am the founder of the PRANA ON vegan-based supplement and health brand. The brand seeks to provide the very best nutritional support to active people. I also work as a martial arts based performer – working in film/TV, live action shows, fire artistry and dance.

5. How do you think being vegan is the next step of our evolution?

We have to evolve beyond our unsustainable path of destroying the Earth and the repeating the cycles of wars and violence. Veganism represents a life of non-violence, of environmental awareness, and of higher consciousness. I see encouraging signs that the western world is becoming more aware and adopting a vegan lifestyle. From Meat- less Monday, to brands offering cruelty-free products, I am positive and believe that things are getting better. But there’s a still lot of work to be done!