Thomas Tadlock

Speaker, Entrepreneur, Trainer (

1. Why are you vegan?

Through understanding reasons such as sustainability and ethics surrounding veganism. I was an avid meat eater and I was trained to think that I could only build muscle mass through eating meat. It was only when my wife nominated me for a challenge to go vegan that I actually tried doing so. After three days of being vegan, I finally made the connection, and realised that by eating meat, I was not eating ‘something’, but ‘someone’. The idea of ever eating meat again left me after just three days of being vegan. It hurt my heart and I could not see myself ever again paying for and supporting an industry that contributes to the destruction of the planet and innocent lives.

2. How has becoming vegan given you purpose (or healed you)?

Veganism has healed my wife of lupus, it has saved my parents from diabetes and got them completely off cholesterol medications, and it has given my wife’s mother her body back, along with changing the lives of 1000s of my students world-wide.

Going vegan made me understand my personal responsibility to the planet, the animals, and my fellow human beings. Since going vegan I have vowed to help save our planet and as many living sentient beings as possible from harm.

3. What is your title, occupation/what do you do for a living?

I am a full-time father and part-time businessman.

I became financially free at 36 years old, never having to work again. Now, I spend my time focusing on my true heart’s passion, helping people change the world.

I own many businesses, but the two that I love the most are vegan- based businesses.

The first is a vegan fitness and training business. I am the host of the Vegan Body Revolution Show, the #1 bodybuilding podcast on iTunes, and I teach 1000s of students worldwide how to achieve the body of their dreams on a 100% plant-based diet through online courses, seminars, and live events. Learn more at

The second business teaches people how to become financially free so that they too no longer need to work anymore, so they can be free to serve and follow their heart’s work without the stress or worry of money. Learn more at

4. Why do you think being vegan is the next step of our evolution?

I believe being vegan has always existed as part of our current state of human evolution. Our society as a whole seemed to forget that.

However, as science continues to trace the root of nearly all inflam- matory illness back to the consumption of meat and processed foods, we will eventually be forced to make a decision: continue living or continue profiting?