These are the rules for our Facebook Community

There is ZERO TOLERANCE if any rules have been breached. 1 of 2 things might happen:
  1. Your post will be taken down without warning by admin
  2. You will be barred immediately from the forum.


1. NO judgment - Everybody is on their own journey and change is relative to where each person is at. We are here to support not chastise each other. This includes playing ‘vegan police’. We are supportive of people who are in transition to a 100% plant-based/vegan lifestyle. However, any pictures posted of food are to be 100% plant-based (this includes the exclusion of honey, eggs and dairy products/byproducts).
2. NO bullying – Aggressive, threatening, violent behaviour/comments will NOT be tolerated. This includes discrimination of any kind (eg: body shaming, sexist, racist, ageist, homophobic etc).
3. NO ‘trolling’ – Deliberately posting an offensive or provocative comment with the aim of upsetting someone or eliciting a negative response from them.
4. ZERO ego – It’s all about mutual respect and support.
5. Seeking MEDICAL ADVICE – We are not qualified to give any medical advice nor do we plan to. Please check with your healthcare professional if you have any medical issues.
6. ETHICS – Although we support the welfare of animals and the ethics of veganism, this is not a space for posting any graphic/gruesome images of mistreated animals (or humans for that matter) or sharing causes/petitions.
7. PROMOTION/MARKETING – No promotion of your own services, products, social media accounts unless permission has been granted by admin. However, if an admin has posted for a call out for your services/info, then do so. This is NOT a place for network marketing or spam advertising.
9. NO illegal activity – Sale, discussion of drugs, or anything else that any reasonable person would deem illegal.
10. NO blocking of admins – Admins moderate the flow and content of the page that helps EVERYONE. Anyone found blocking an admin will be removed from the group.
11. DEBATE 1 – The consensus here is a whole foods plant based diet with the gradual exclusion (or full exclusion) of animal products. While we welcome open debates, this forum is to support people transitioning or wanting to adopt the lifestyle. Unless you can prove that a wfpb diet is unhealthy, we will keep the discussion along these lines to avoid confusion.
12. DEBATE 2 – Following from point 6. ETHICS, any discussion that deviates from plant-based health, fitness and inspiration will be excluded from this forum.
13. COMMENTING - If your comment is not supportive and if any reasonable person might find it offensive. Please refrain from commenting. We want to keep this forum a positive space for all.
14. COMPLAINTS – If you feel like any of these rules have been violated or if there are any other issues, please message our admins: Luke Tan, Emilie Tan, Tobias Weihofen, Lucy Stegley, Koren Young-Sutherland, Holly McIntyre- Williams
We are a POSITIVE group and we are about spreading a PLANT-FIT message. Questions to consider before you post:
  1. Is it positive?
  2. Will it help or inspire someone?
Then do so!
Keep the peace,
Plant Fit Movement