Privacy Policy

Committed to your privacy

We’re committed to safeguarding your privacy and any information that you share with us. So here we’ll explain what information we collect, how we use it and who may have access to it.

It’s also important to note that different regions in the world have different legal privacy protection requirements and rights and when in question we will act according to the relevant law that governs the operation of our company.

Personal data

Personal data is any information that can be used to identify an individual. This includes information that you share with us like your name, email or address. We may collect additional information in regards to how you access and use our services and combine it with the personal data you provide. For example that allows us to see what country you’re from when you visit our website.

The personal data we collect depends on how you interact with our services. For example when you purchase an offer we’ll have to collect more information in order to fulfill our services compared to if you simply sign-up for a newsletter or opt in for a free offer.

What personal data do we collect?

We will collect and process some or all of the following data points:

Information you provide us

That is information you enter on our website for example when ordering a product, when opting in for our newsletter or other services, when participating in our blog or forum, when you sign up for trainings, when using our contact form, etc.

Your communication with us

When you communicate with us, we will typically keep a record of our communication.

Technical data

This is information about how you access, use and interact with our services. When you submit a form on our website we may link this techncial data to your personal data. This includes your operating system, which software you use to access our services, your IP address, potential referral sources and other device information. We collect this data to optimize the user experience and to have proper documentation in case to protect ourselves against abuse of our services, fraud or in case of potential disputes.

For example this allows us to know from where you access our services, if someone invited you to join our events or how you found out about us.

Customer and user data

This is information about which products you purchase, how you use them or what you may be interested in. For example we may ask which topics you’re interested in via a survey or see which offers speak to you more when communicating with you via our newsletter. Where possible we will try to use this information to provide a better, more relevant user experience and hopefully present more appropriate offers to you.

When we offer online courses, trainings or similar and you join us we may track your progress, how often you log in, or which topics you’re interested in and use this to help you in using our services or to provide more relevant information.

Or when we find that you tried to order a product but didn’t complete the purchase we may follow up with you where possible (for example if you’ve entered your email on the checkout page) to find out what happened and if there is anything we can do to help.


We may ask for personal information when running promotions, contests, sweepstakes or other promotional activities.

Interactive usage

We may collect details of how you interact with our services. For example when you visit our website we may use cookies or other tracking technologies. Cookies are small text files stored in your browser that help us for example to find out how long you’re using our website, which pages you visit, technical data about your device and access (operating system, geolocation, IP address, time of visits, traffic data).

We may also collect details on whether or not you read our newsletters and adjust our communication accordingly.

Social Media

When you use social media in conjunction with using our services (for example liking our page on Facebook, joining our groups on Facebook or by commenting using Facebook comments) please be aware that depending on your social media settings this may give us access to personal information as well.

Legal grounds to using personal data

Here we’ll explain the legal grounds to using any personal data we may collect.


This is where you give us permission to use your personal data. This happens any time you complete a form, optin for any of our services, purchase a product, contact us, leave a comment, etc.

If you’ve agreed for us to use your personal information in line with the service or communciation channel that you’ve used, you can withdraw your consent at any time. Any withdrawal does not impact any previous usage of your personal data.

When you withdraw your consent this can have implications on which parts of our services you’ll have access to.

To fulfil our services:

This where we use personal data as necessary to fulfil our contractual obligations and deliver any purchased services to you.

Where we use third parties to fulfil our obligations, we’ll pass on your data to the respective third party. For example if you order a physical product, we may pass on your data to our warehouse to ship out your order.

We’ll also use personal data to inform you about changes to our services or product if that affects you because you’ve purchased those services.

Justification: contractual necessity, consent, legitimate interest (being able to perform our obligations in delivering our services and notify you about changes to those services)

To manage our relationship with you:

We’ll use personal data to deliver what we’ve promised (for example if you’ve purchased an online course, joined a summit or online training) and to stay up to date on how you interact with our services and communication.

Justification: legitimate interest (being able to keep our records up to date, help users make the most of their usage of our services and study how users use our services to ensure the quality and legitimacy of our services)

To run and protect our business

We’ll use personal data to protect ourselves against misuse, fraud, spam, etc. We’ll also use personal data to monitor if our services run smoothly, to troubleshoot, to assess if our services are adequate or make improvements.

Also in case we decide to restructure our company, sell our company or make any other organizational changes, we’ll share or transfer personal data to maintain the operations of the services offered and the value of our company.

Justification: legitimate interest (without the ability to collect and monitor data we’d be vunerable to abuse and would not be able to run our operations, offer a good user experience or restructure the company at a later point)

To stay relevant to our users and improve the user experience

We’ll use personal data to see which topics you and other users are interested in. This allows us to deliver more relevant content and appropriate offers as well as see the effectiveness of any promotional efforts.

Justification: Legitimate interest (to be able to understand our users and therefore be able to create new offers that help our audience, fine tune our communication, optimize our marketing efforts and consequentely being able to maintain and grow our business)

To make appropriate offers to you or others

We’ll use personal data to make appropriate offers that we feel may help you based the knowledge we have. We may use personal data to get a better our understanding of our audience and use that to better target new prospects (an example would be Custom Audiences on Facebook).

Justification: Legitimate interest (being able to make more targeted offers to existing customers and use data to reach prospects with a higher likelihood to become a customer is vital for our long-term success in a competitive space)

To comply with legal obligations

We may process personal data to comply with legal obligations, in case of interactions with legal entities or in case we’re asked to do so by law enforcement or regluatory agencies (for example as part of investigations).

Justification: legal obligations, legitimate interest (to cooperate with law enforcement agencies)


You will receive marketing communication from us when you’ve opted in for any of our free services, joined the newsletter, joined the community (for example by participating in our blogs) or purchased from us and, in each case, you have not opted out of receiving further messages.

You can opt out from receiving our marketing communication at the bottom of each email. There you’ll find a link that you can click to opt out.


We may use past purchases, personal information, technical and usage data to try to guess what you may be interested in and tailor our communication and marketing to your interests.

We may also aggregate this data to make better decisions on what our overall audience is interested in, so there is no guarantee all of our communication is relevant to you but you can opt out at any time.

Data transfers

International data transfer

Please note that we are located outside of Europe so if you’re located in Europe your data will leave the European Economic Area (EEA). Also a lot of the third party providers we use to offer our services and run our business are located outside of Europe.

Third parties

We will not share your presonal information with any third-party other than the legitimate reasons listed in this policy such as order fulfilment, payment processing, sub-contracters like warehouses or fraud protection.

Payment processing

We use PayPal and Strip as payment processor and ThriveCart as the shopping cart solution. When you purchase any of our services your personal data will be colllected and processed by the respecitve third-parties.

By purchasing any of our services or products you agree that we can transfer the required personal data to the payment processors for further evaluation (e.g. checking for correctness, checking against fraud), for payment processing and order fulfillment.

For more information on how these third-parties handle your data please visit their respective websites.

Cookies that we use

We use cookies to get insights into user behaviour and improve our services and efficiency. For more details visit our cookie policy.

Data protection

We’re taking adequate measures to protect your privacy regardless of where you’re from such as using data encryption for data transfers, limiting the amount of people who can access your data within our company to the bare minimum, storing any backups in password protected environments, and other measures to protect us against unauthorized access, use, modification, theft or disclosure of personal data.

We have agreements in place that third-party entities who help us deliver and fulfil our services will only use data to the extend necessary to do their job.

There is always a risk

Given the nature of the internet there is always a risk that data can be captured and abused by third-parties.

Password protection

To deliver our services at times you’ll be able to set up a password. You’re responsible for keeping the password and your account login safe. Please keep your password safe as in the case of abuse linked to your account, you’ll be the first person we’ll contact.

For how long do we store your data?

We store your data for as long as necessary to fulfil our contractual oblgiations, legal obligations, record-keeping requirements and any other related business purpose(s).

Accessing, updating or deleting your data

Under certain circumstances – depending on where you’re from – you have rights under the applicalbe privacy protection laws to:

  • Request access to your personal data
  • Request correction of your personal data
  • Request erasure of your personal data
  • Object to the processing of your personal data
  • Request restriction of processing your personal data
  • Request transfer of your personal data
  • Right to withdraw consent

If you have any question on any of these points please contact us. We’ll review your request, it’s legal basis and when we find it’s a legitimate request aim to respond within a month.

If your request is clearly unfounded, repetitive or excessive we reserve the right to charge a reasonable fee for our time or refuse to comply.

In case of a request we may need to confirm personal information, your identity, your citizenship and whatever is necessary for us to make sure the request is well founded and that we do not disclose any personal information to someone who has no rights to receive it. It’s up to you to provide the necessary information to us.

In case of questions contact us:

+Results Pte. Ltd., 14 Robinson Road, #08-01A, Singapore 048545, Singapore

Email: privacy at plusresults dot net


By using this site, you represent that you are at least the age of majority in your state or province of residence, or that you are the age of majority in your state or province of residence and you have given us your consent to allow any of your minor dependents to use this site.


We reserve the right to modify this privacy policy at any time, so please review it frequently. Changes and clarifications will take effect immediately upon their posting on the website. If we make material changes to this policy, we will notify you here that it has been updated, so that you are aware of what information we collect, how we use it, and under what circumstances, if any, we use and/or disclose it.