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3 Surprising Things that Happen to Your Body When You Have A Vegan Breakfast

Quick Digestion

Immediate Energy & Mental Clarity

Dairy, eggs and meat require a lot of time and energy to digest. Dairy for example takes at least 90 min. to digest and up to 4 to 5 hours for cheese. That takes a lot of energy…

A vegan breakfast on the other hand is light on the body – in fact fruits often take only 20 minutes to digest for a early-morning boost.

Plus vegan options contain complex carbs that give you lasting energy as you take on the world…


The Secret Health Agent

Even though vegan breakfasts are light, they contain a lot of fiber.

Because fiber isn't digested it keeps you full longer, helps regulate bowel movement and is real health booster:

Fiber helps lower cholesterol, keeps your blood sugar stable and even makes it easier to lose weight…


Mood & Health Booster

If you feel moody, tired, experience bloating or body aches your diet may be inflammatory.

Because dairy and processed foods are high in inflammatory saturated fats, a typical breakfast is like beating up your body before the day even starts.

On the other hand even the simplest vegan breakfast or smoothies burst with anti-oxidants and phyto nutrients that energize you and lift your mood…

Eating Right

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