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If you want to transform your life for good, this might be the most important message you'll ever read. Here is why:

You never know what life throws at you...

But just imagine for a second that you would have the support of 40 experts who have overcome any challenge you may think of... obesity, cancer, depression, addiction, doubts, diabetes, heart disease, chronic diseases...

Now imagine that those experts share their inspiration, knowledge and best tips with you... That would be invaluable and that is exactly what you get with the Plant Fit Summit Package:

  • 40 Expert Interviews where I get them to reveal their best tips
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This is the only resource where 40 doctors, coaches, athletes and inspirations share their best tips. And because life is unpredictable this is the one addition to the HPL Program you'll want to grab...

Price: $197 One-Time-Offer: $67

Here's a list of presentations you'll receive...

The Truth: What To Eat For A Healthy Life - And How The Right Food Can Prevent And Even Reverse Disease


The Single Most Addictive Food...

...and why it's killing you (it's not sugar). What makes certain foods addictive and is it a problem for your health? The surprising truth about sugar and how to reverse chronic diseases.

Dr. Neal Barnard

Best-Selling Author & President of PCRM


The #1 Killer And One Simple Solution

Leading Cardiologist and Immediate Past President Of The American College of Cardiology shares how to prevent and reverse heart disease.

Dr. Kim Williams

Leading Cardiologist


Caught In The "Hidden" Food Trap?

Three common ingredients that make us addicted to food. The unknown human drive that sabotages your weight loss efforts and what to do about it. Plus: the truth about animal products.

Dr. Alan Goldhamer

Author, Founder of TrueNorth Health Center

How To Get Your Best Body Without Starving (And Without Ever Entering A Gym If You Don't Want To...)


The Blueprint To Your Best Body

Muscle Gain or Fat Loss? EXACTLY how you need to train, speed up recovery and fuel your body to get the results you want in the shortest time possible.

Fraser Bayley

Strength & Transformation Coach


Being A Bikini Fit Mom At 40+

Staying bikini-fit at 40+. Taking care of your body with self-love. Eating & training to become bikini fit this summer and beyond - even if you have kids. 

Crissi Carvalho

Champion Bikini Model & Mom


From Protein Addict To Healthy Muscles

Creating the right conditions to get the body you want. You can use these simple strategies to gain muscle or lose weight.

Robert Cheeke

Bodybuilder and Author


Better With Age...

Ellen has been voted the hottest Vegan over 50... by now in her 60s she's feeling better than ever and shares her secrets...

Ellen Jaffe Jones

Author, Senior Athlete

Anastasia Zinchenko_600px

The Psychology Of Healthy Eating

Discover the surprising psychology of eating. A simple trick to find out if you're actually hungry or just bored. Plus: key exercises for an effective full body workout even beginners can use.

Anastasia Zinchenko

Powerlifter with a Cambridge PhD


You Only Get 1 Life And 1 Body

5 fundamental body weight movements you need to master. The wrong way to train, getting the most out of each rep and being a positive role model for your family, friends and community.

David 'DC' Cordtz

Personal Trainer & Calisthenics Athlete

These Inspiring People Will Make You Believe In Yourself When No One Else Will (Even If Doctors Have Given Up...)


From 400+ Pounds To Ultra Runner

Your identity drives your results - for Josh it was a 400+ pound body. How to redefine who you are and turn things around for good. If you ever need motivation this session is for you!

Josh LaJaunie

Ultrarunner and Speaker

spud fit 2_cr

How 1 Ordinary Food Can Change Your Life

Nothing but potatoes for a full year! How Andrew overcame his food addiction for good. Digging deep and finding your reason why so you can do the same.

Andrew 'Spud Fit' Taylor

Diet Innovator & Speaker


From Eating Disorder To Inspiration

How to overcome eating disorders, trust your body and food again to transform your body. Tips to get into shape and build a kick ass body - even if you're too weak to squat at the start.

Simone Collins

Figure Model & Personal Trainer

20170324_124540 2_cr

The Truth About Carbs & Digestion

Creating the right conditions for your body to heal itself. Simple steps for optimal digestion, reversing IBS, ulcerative colitis, avoiding bloating and dropping body fat.

Shamiz & Shukul Kachwalla

Holistic Nutrition Practitioners


She Was Given 6 Months To Live...

Today Janette is thriving and setting world records. Discover how the body can heal itself. Plus: the keys to creating the right environment for a long and healthy life.

Janette Murray-Wakelin

Cancer Survivor & World Record Breaker


From Drug & Food Addicts To Plant Fit

Habits to start your day right and gain confidence. Breaking stereotypes, finding your inner strength and changing your world inside out. Plus: how to get fit & have fun as a couple.

Jill and Paul Salamone

Bikini Competitor & Powerlifter

If You Want To Perform Like An Athlete, You Have To Fuel Like An Athlete... And These Experts Show You How


What Elite Athletes Eat To Crush It

Coach of professional athletes, UFC fighters, NFL & MLB players reveals why going plant based is superior for athletic performance, how much protein you need and factors for life extension.

David Goldman

Strength and Conditioning Coach

Ultra Trail Australia 2016

Fueling For Performance

Top 5 superfoods everyone should have in their pantry. Getting fit on your way to work and using food as the best and cheapest life insurance while still enjoying life.

Amanda Meggison

Triathlete & Nutrition Coach


The Science Of Supplements

Protein, BCAAs, Omega 3s... With over 25 years in supplements Geoff takes you through all things supplements - the good and the bad.

Geoff Palmer

Patented Nutrition & Supplements Expert

How To Live With Authenticity, Overcome Self-Doubt & Love Yourself In A World Dominated By Instagram-Culture


Fearless: Living With Authenticity

How to live with authenticity, purpose and entrepreneurial success. Using fear as your compass. Creating a life around what you love and inspiring others to join your mission.

Billy Simmonds

Former Mr. Universe & Entrepreneur


Flexible Dieting - Eating Without Guilt

How to take the stress out of eating healthy. Learning to accept your body, overcoming set-backs and how Dani went from being overweight (like all her family) to becoming a figure champion.

Dani & Giacomo

Champion Athletes, Trainers & Nutrition coaches


From Doubt To Self-Love

Award winning vegan bikini model shows you how to finally be confident in your own skin, stop sabotaging yourself and the secrets behind a bodybuilding.com transformation of the month.

Sam Shorkey

Pro-Bikini Model, Personal Trainer and Author

Enter The Mind Of Winners: How To Find Your Way And Achieve Your Goals Even If They Seem Impossible


Run When Others Walk...

Pushing beyond your limits. Inside the mind of a record breaker. Breaking your challenges down into micro-victories and how you can adopt a winning mindset in everyday life. 

Vlad Ixel

Record-Setting Ultra-runner


Olympic Level Compassion

Coaches told Dotsie she wasn't Olympic material. Discover how to overcome doubters and how to fuel your body to achieve any goal you desire... 

Dotsie Bausch

Olympic Medalist & Speaker

Korin Sutton_cr

Finding The Truth and Leading The Way

How to find your way and inspire others. What we can learn from the Marines and why living healthy is not the end but the beginning of success.

Korin Sutton

Former Marine, Coach & Pro-Bodybuilder

A Healthy Body Needs A Healthy Mind  - Tips And Tricks To Be Healthy Inside And Out In Today's Hectic World


Yoga For Performance

Yoga doesn't have to be esoteric. Discover how to use yoga to speed up recovery and improve the results of your training.

Silke Bender

Yoga Instructor & Ultra-Runner


Former Butcher: Mind Over Body...

Transitioning from aesthetics to functional training. Training principles of CrossFit anyone can use to structure effective workouts. And how Brayden went from butcher to inspiration.

Brayden Green

CrossFit Athlete and Trainer


How To Detox In A Toxic World

Free yourself from toxins hidden in your environment and lifestyle. Recover and thrive following a few simple rules of detox and mindful living.

Nikki Bravata

Registered Nurse, Detox Specialist

Give Your Kids A Head Start With These Tips On Raising Or Transitioning To A Healthy Family


Being pregnant - what‘s best for your baby?

Eating a plant-based diet as a pregnant woman and young mom. Delivering naturally and getting back into shape.

Emilie Tan

Ultra-Runner & Plant-Based Chef


#1 Principle To Easily Adopt A Healthy Diet

Practical tips to turn health goals into daily habits for yourself and your family. How emotions can impact your health and weight loss. Plus: a breathing exercise to reduce stress in seconds.

Anna Chisholm

Health Coach & Cardiac Rehabilitation Expert


The Plant Fit Family

How to raise healthy kids as a plant fit family. Plus: Overcoming and preventing injury, the famous bean shake for rapid muscle growth & preparing your body for pregnancy.

Derek & Marcella

Gym Owners, Bodybuilders & Parents

Cut Through The Noise & Confusion: These Experts Simplify Nutrition, Health & Fitness So You Can Take Action Today

Renae Thomas2

Simple Long Term Health

Busting myths around health and dieting with scientific evidence. What really causes diabetes? Can you "burn off bad calories"? The truth about carbs...

Dr. Renae Thomas

MD and Bikini Model


7 Pillars To Rescue Your Health In 7 Days

The 7 Day Rescue Diet that has helped tens of thousands already. Discover how to implement it in your life with 7 easy steps. Plus: the myth of meat and masculinity...

Rip Esselstyn

Athlete, Firefighter, Plant-Strong Pioneer


Mastering The Basics...

Whether it's food, exercise or mindset, master these basics first. Plus: ways to improve posture and a 5 second trick to overcome hesitation and excuses.

Jeremy Evans

Strength Coach & Pro Irish Dancer


It's the food - It's been the food all along

How food caused chronic disease and how you can protect your family by making the right, simple choices.

Dr. Michael Klapper

MD, author and Speaker

Dr. Campbell

The Link Between Food And Cancer

Dr. T. Colin Campbell's work has been groundbreaking and proved a link between the wrong food and cancer...

Dr. T. Colin Campbell

The "Godfather" of nutrition research


The Trilogy Of Health

Lani shares the 5 Steps to mastering any new endeavor... and dives deep into the connection between Nutrition, Mind and Movement. 

Lani Muelrath

Author & Coach


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Informative and inspirational! As a mom and health coach I appreciate the wide range of topics from drug and food addictions to hormonal damage and even how to raise healthy kids. I specifically enjoyed listening to all the inspirational stories from people who were in their darkest moments and are now living a brilliant, vibrant life. It really confirms how powerful our food choices are and the effects it has on our mind, body and spirit.

Koren Young-Sutherland, mom of two and health store owner


"Definitive answers"

The Plant Fit Summit is loaded with amazing information and content. It gives you definitive answers on what to eat, what to avoid, what supplements to take, and how to dodge disease and live long. This is the information people need, the real science and evidence from the top professionals in the world, and stories of those who have changed their lives through implementing this information. For anyone looking to get their health on the right track or anyone with questions about adopting a plant based lifestyle, this is one of the best resources I've come across. Outstanding stuff.

Pat McAuley - Entrepreneur

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This Summit is unbelievably educational, inspirational, and REAL. It is for people who want real life stories of people that they can relate to. It is for people who want nutritional information that makes sense and has been backed by evidence. And it is for people who are curious about the plant based lifestyle as an athlete.

Eileen Jyoti Atlasov, founder LiveIn Bliss


"Just might change your life..."

If you have a health issue like obesity, cancer, diabetes, or heart disease, the Plant Fit Summit just might change your life. It’s a wonderful resource. Check it out today – you have nothing to lose except your health problems!

Dave Simon, author of "Meatonomics"

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