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The #1 Myth That The Weight-Loss Industry Doesn't Want You To Know About…

It's devastating:

  • 97 Americans diet every year
  • Dieters try 4 to 5 diets per year
  • 95% regain their weight – or more

After decades of failed diets, you couldn't make a stronger case that diets do not work if you tried…

Even going vegan doesn't help if you don't do it right. But why is that?

And how can you escape this mousetrap to find a healthy solution that actually works long-term?

Watch as Luke, a vegan personal trainer, summarizes stunning research on natural weight loss… Research that is giving women everywhere new hope:

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Smart food hacks are challenging cutting calories in their effectiveness… watch the video.

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1 simple rule that allows you to eat MORE and achieve the body & vitality you desire (cutting edge and smarter than portion control)

How 10 simple factors create a lifestyle that transforms your body naturally (without dieting, counting calories or excessive exercise)

Why portion control, skipping meals or cutting calories does not work (it's the biggest lie by the weight loss and fitness industry)

From doubt to self-love: a 35 second routine (do this whenever doubts, fears or guilt eat you up inside)

The #1 ingredient you should add to your diet if you want to lose weight (you can get it in any supermarket for pennies)

The family behind the HPL method

Luke and his wife Emilie have suffered from weight issue, anxiety, stomach cramps for years and one day found themselves fearing for Emilie's life.

Fast forward 10 years and is Luke's an acclaimed personal trainer, author of multiple books and host of the Plant-Fit Summit – the largest online event where leading doctors come together with athletes and inspirations to share their tips. Emilie is a plant-based chef, sponsored ultra-runner and together they have an energetic little girl.

Everything Luke and Emilie have learned over the years has led to the HPL method. Click here and watch our short video to determine your HPL score and how you can use it starting today.

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