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3 common breakfast ingredients that might be causing your anxiety, brain fog and even mood swings


Inflammatory Hazard

Despite its claims as a breakfast staple, dairy is a bad choice for breakfast.

Dairy is highly inflammatory because of the amount of saturated fatty acids it contains. This applies to all kinds of dairy: milk, cheese, creamer, yogurt, milk chocolate…

And recent research shows that inflammation not only causes disease, it's also a cause for cognitive dysfunction, mood swings and anxiety.

Refined Flour

Wolf in sheep's clothing

While white bread might feel lighter than whole-grain bread, it has the opposite effect on our body:

"Refined" means all the fiber and essential nutrients have already been eliminated. That's why bread, cereal, doughnuts, etc. can cause constipation, indigestion, increase the acidity in your body at an alarming rate, cause blood sugar spikes, lead to weight gain and inflammation.

All those effects are directly linked to how you feel, your mood, your energy levels and most importantly your long term health.

Animal Proteins


While meat takes the longest to digest (several hours) which robs you of energy and can cause fatigue and lethargy, what's far more important is the following: The WHO rates processed meats like bacon, sausages and ham as "carcinogenic to humans". 

And then there is eggs. High in cholesterol already people tend to eat them with things full of saturated fat: butter, cheese, bacon, sausage, muffins or bagels. Additionally egg is one of the top 8 allergenic foods and allergic reactions are often linked to brain fog and down moods.

Eating Right

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What's Your HPL Score?

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